I'm Chase, and I am passionate about supporting people in cultivating loving and powerful relationships with themselves, rooted in emotional and spiritual wellness, in service to their heart-felt goals and dreams.


Why Coaching?

Having the support of a coach was the most invaluable and influential investment in a moment when I needed it most. Through my coach's care, I learned a new way to care for myself, a new way to be my own best friend and biggest supporter. And in turn, I also learned a deeper compassion and way of caring for others. Coaching provided me a space to explore my experiences with no judgement, no expectations, and no boundaries, all alongside the loving guidance of a higher perspective. Through this opportunity, I was empowered and supported to follow my heart-felt dreams and create the life I wanted for myself.

After working with my coach for two years, I was inspired and thrilled by my experience and the value she brought to my life, and I realized my own desire to become a coach as well. While finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, I enrolled in a 10-month certification program at the University of Santa Monica, alongside other coaching courses, to work on myself and to hone the skills needed to facilitate others in doing the same.

Courses and Certifications

Certification in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Soul-Centered Living (2019)
Professional Coaching Course (2019)
Coaching Teens Well Course (2019)

In progress: Certification in Advanced Spiritual Psychology (2020)
Professional Coaching II Course (2020)

When I'm not working with clients or coming up with ideas for new workshops, I love to be out in nature, on a walk or swimming at the beach, cooking a delicious meal, or dancing to my favorite music on top volume at home.