1-On-1 Coaching

I offer one-on-one bespoke coaching programs that vary in time period and content depending on the client. My sessions meet over Zoom, with each session being 70 minutes long to offer us extensive time to work through what is present for the client in service to their goals and dreams.

My work is thorough and deep, I work with people who are craving change in their life, people who are ready to do the work to take their experience to the next level. When the care and time is taken, our work together can create lasting effects of greater purpose, contentment, and overall wellness in ones life.

If you are interested in connecting, I offer at least one free discovery call to see where I can be helpful and if we are a good fit. There is no obligation to talk more than once, but these calls are a perfect no-pressure environment to assess if I can be helpful to what you are looking for support with. Send me an email on the 'Contact' page.


"Feeling truly heard and seen in this day and age is a rare experience. With Chase, every moment feels entirely personal and inward. The raw connection Chase puts all her energy into developing with clients is unparalleled and utterly genuine. She has helped me to reshape my framework of reactions and approaches into one that centers me. Chase works with the whole being to guide and uncover that which she sees fit." ~ BB

Group Coaching


To Be Heard: A Course on Deep Listening | 5-WEEK PROGRAM | September-October 2020

I’m finding that in these unique times we are living in, one of the most important skills we can practice is Listening. It’s an avenue of deep solidarity and support to whoever you are listening to, and on the flip side of that, the experience of being heard, fully and truly, can be healing on so many levels. 

The program will also explore the topic of intuition and listening inwardly to our inner guidance and wisdom as a key tool to showing up in a healthy and purposeful relationship to oneself.

Deep Listening has the potential to cultivate huge growth and connection for everyone who partakes on all sides of the experience.

This program will be an exploration of:

How to help someone feel deeply heard

Spiritual Ecology; how to hold space without taking on others' energy and upset

Looking for the answers within; Intuition

Neutral observation; how to listen in a more powerful way

Uncovering what people are *really* saying

The ‘spiritual’ context

This course is for YOU if:

You are looking for ways to heal or deepen important relationships in your life

You are desiring extra emotional support and looking for tools to help you manage your emotions/energy in loving and effective ways

You are wanting a supportive community of people to share experiences with

You grapple with overwhelm and anxiety around the changes of our world

You are interested in coming into greater awareness of your spiritual self and developing tools to help you do so

You want to learn how to better ‘hold-space’ for people in your world

Listening is a key aspect of your career, and you are looking to expand your skills

You want to deepen your relationship with yourself

Each call will be structured in a way that each participant will get an opportunity to listen and feel heard. The program will be a container of great support and love for you as you develop practical skills and look to places inside of you that could use extra healing and support.

There will be opportunities for break out discussions and facilitation for each participant to learn to hold space for others in the group as well as develop connections with fellow participants. I will be leading short group meditations with journal prompts to follow, to give time to cultivate the skill of listening to one’s Inner Guidance. And of course, there will be ample time and space for coaching and support from me!


The sessions will be on Monday mornings from 10:00-11:30AM PDT starting on Sept. 28th - Oct. 26th, via ZOOM.

The fee is $240.

Past Participant Remarks:

"During a time of immense stress and unknowns in my life, I attended a small-group workshop that Chase facilitated. While I wasn't sure what to expect going in, I came away feeling incredibly supported and overall much lighter. In her workshop, Chase made space for a range of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that came up in the group, and she encouraged engagement with these experiences through various avenues. Chase's creative and hands-on workshop helped shape new ways for me to connect with myself and my goals that I still use today. " ~ BG

“Chase sees people and she meets them exactly where they are. I've never felt so upheld or supported by someone who is so open and relentlessly loving. Chase's honesty is humble, kind, and disarming. I always walk away from every gathering with a greater sense of understanding of myself– not to mention a community of sisters.” ~ LC

Information Webinar:

Thursday, September 10th at 5pm-6pm PDT

If you are interested, I will be hosting a free webinar to answer specific questions, give people a taste of what the energy of the program will be like, as well as start offering support right then and there. One can bring questions that are logistical or also questions that are very real and gritty. I'll go wherever is helpful!

Reserve your spot by sending me an email through my 'Contact' page.



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